Daily Routine

Tricycle with trailer
Girls painting
Boy playing with stickle bricks

9:15 ~ Arrive and play!

Doors open the main hall is split into areas and the children can self select which activity they want to play on. One third of the hall is aimed at developing the gross motor skills of the child through the use of bikes, climbing apparatus, balancing equipment, seesaw and trampoline.
The remaining two thirds of the inside space has tables and matted areas where children can choose a quieter activity they enjoy or to try something new. Painting, play dough (which the children help to make every fortnight), sticking and model making are just a few of the craft activities, which provide plenty of opportunity for the children to develop their fine motor skills and creative talents. Puzzles, games and construction toys are always provided together with plenty of imaginative play equipment such as the role-play corner, which changes according to our topic, dressing up clothes, trains, cars, sand and water etc. We are also extremely lucky to have a well-equipped kitchen so the children have an opportunity to experience cookery. We are able to use the garden in front of the church.

10:00 ~ Registration, story and chat

Registration at St Andrew's

We have a short “together time” where we re-register the children and chat about the activities on offer. This time is for reflection on the morning, a story and a chat. It is a time when we swap over some of the equipment. It is also the time when we concentrate on our ‘sound’ that we are learning and sing songs. This is an opportunity for the children to ‘share’ any news and discuss our theme.

Our ‘snack bar’ runs from around 10 am until tidy up time at 11.10. Here the children will have the chance to sit with their peers and, on a normal day, select from a variety of fruits and raw vegetables.

11:20 ~ Tidy up and play together

At the end of the busy morning, we ask the children to help with the clearing away. This is followed by 15 minutes for songs, music and movement, large group activities such as the parachute, bubbles in the garden or races and games.

sack race in the garden
Group drumming session




11:45 ~ Home-time or stay for lunch

babeque in the garden

The parents collect any children leaving and children staying for the afternoon sit with their friends to eat their lunch. Once finished we have an outside playtime, weather permitting, otherwise we use the second smaller room for physical activities. Lunch officially finishes at 12.45. At this point we come together for our stories and sounds time where we focus on the ‘sound of the week’, children play sound games, build words using sounds they know. We have a group story and discuss the storyline, characters and meanings of new words.

1:15 - 2:00 ~ Challenging play

girl using a screwdriver

The children then have independent choice from activities reflecting the children’s age, these are different from the morning activities. We have ‘real’ hammers and nails, marble runs, more advanced maths activities, writing tables. During the afternoons the toys are more advanced, have smaller parts and require more mature thinking.

2:00 ~ Group play

We have large group time for songs, music and movement, large group activities such as the parachute or races and games.

Girls enjoying dressing-up
Egg and spoon race in the garden

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