Lunch Times and Food

Snack Bar
at the snack bar

We promote good nutritional habits by providing fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a drink of either water or milk. Parents are asked to contribute either £5 per term or £15 per year. The snack bar runs daily from 10:00 - 11:15. Sometimes we have a ‘special snack bar’, this could be making toast, having cereal, making sandwiches or even trying food from other cultures. Children who are celebrating their birthday often like to bring in special cakes or biscuits to share with their friends. Fresh water is available to all the children throughout the session.

Packed Lunches
children enjoying their packed lunches

If the children are staying for the whole day then parents supply a lacked lunch and drink. We ask for no glass bottles or fizzy drinks. We would advise lunch boxes to be the insulated type if possible or for parents to use the freezer ice packs to keep the food cool. Lunch is from 11:45 until 12:30 and we encourage parents to send a healthy lunch wherever possible. We ask for no chocolate as it melts, is unhealthy and causes an awful mess.


whipping some mixture

We aim to cook once during the two week topic and during the spring we have an entire two weeks devoted to food and cooking. The children have made cakes, biscuits, fruit salads, pizzas, apple crumbles (from apples grown in the garden) to name a few. During the Chinese New year week the children make egg fried rice, sweet and sour sauces and eating their home cooked food is always a highlight.

child gardening

Growing our own food

During the summer we grow food to eat at the snack bar, this includes tomatoes, carrots, apples, potatoes and in the future we will be growing strawberries and other fruits.

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